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Rocky Mountain Kilts

Welsh Tartan 5 Yard Wool Kilt

Regular price $535.00 CAD
Regular price $630.00 CAD Sale price $535.00 CAD
These kilts are available with knife pleats in your choice of tartan.
They are fully customizable in your choice of tartans and made to your waist, hip and length measurements.



Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as every item is custom manufactured exclusively for you.

Options to Consider: 

Available in any tartan of your choice - Some tartans will require a surcharge. 


     To the Sett (To look like the front of the kilt)

     To the stripe (A dominant stripe is selected for each pleat) 


     Buckles and Straps

     Heavy Duty Velcro


     Hidden Pockets on the aprons

     Pocket on the front of the under apron


Please include the following in the note with your order: 

     Tartan of choice







See our measuring guide for details: 

*Some options will alter the price of this item. Please contact us directly if you have questions about this product or about availability.