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Rocky Mountain Kilts

Anglican and Episcopal Church Clergy Tartan Poly-Viscose

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This tartan was originally designed in 1966 by Rev. John B. Pahls, 1966, to honour the clergy of the Scottish Episcopal church and of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and to commemorate the bicentenary of the death of the Right Reverend Samuel Seabury, first American bishop. Also listed as Clergy (Episcopal). It is sometimes referred to as the Samuel Seabury Memorial Tartan. 

This tartan is based on the traditional "Clergy" tartan (the Clark clan tartan). It features a green and black background with purple lines and white lines in the traditional Clark pattern with a unique color combination. The purple lines showing the support of the Scottish Episcopal Church in the founding of the Episcopal church of the United States. 


This fabric is 58-60" wide. It is finished with a kilt selvage on both sides. 

Price is Per Yard